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About the Alaska Home Care & Hospice Association

History of the Alaska Home Care & Hospice Association

Alaska’s Home Care and Hospice Association started its revitalization process (after several years of inactivity) in 2005. The spark proved to be monthly telephonic informational and networking conference calls for all of the Medicare Certified Home Health Care agencies in the state, hosted by the QIO for Alaska – Qualis Health. The group on the calls decided they wanted the opportunity to continue to network with each other and the revitalized Alaska Home Care and Hospice Association began to take shape. An Interim Board of Directors worked on by-laws, incorporation, and other organizational details and the first election of a permanent board took place in 2007. The National Association of Home and Hospice Care (NAHC) began providing assistance to the Alaska association in 2007 and has played an important role in strengthening the association’s foundation and fostering growth over the past several years.